How to Choose the Right Shade of Lipstick for a Professional UK Woman?

As professional women in the UK, we all know the power of a well-chosen lipstick. A quick swipe of color on our lips can instantly boost our confidence, brighten our smile, and help us face the day with poise and verve. Yet, at the same time, we’re often left in a quandary on how to choose the right shade of lipstick. With an array of colors, shades, and undertones flooding the market, it becomes a daunting task to select the perfect lipstick that complements our skin tone, hair, and overall look. This detailed guide is here to save the day. We’ll delve into the art of choosing the right lipstick shade that flatters your beauty and amplifies your professional image.

Understanding Your Skin’s Undertones

Before we embark on our journey to find the perfect lipstick shade, we need to understand our skin’s undertones. Undertones are the colors underneath the surface of your skin, and they largely determine how different shades of makeup will look on you.

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There are three types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Warm undertones lean towards peachy, yellow, or golden tones. Cool undertones have hints of pink, red, or blue. Neutral undertones strike a balance between warm and cool.

How do we determine our undertones? Simple. Take a look at your veins. If they appear green, you likely have warm undertones. If they appear blue or purple, you’re probably cool. If it’s hard to tell, you likely have neutral undertones. Once you’ve identified your undertone, choosing the right lipstick becomes a smoother process.

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Choosing Lipstick for Warm Undertones

If you have warm undertones, the best colors for you are those with a similar warmth. The right shade of lipstick can complement your skin’s natural glow and enhance your overall look.

Opt for lipsticks in shades of reds, oranges, nudes, and peaches. They will complement your skin tone and add a touch of warmth to your look. A vibrant red with an orange undertone, for example, can serve as a bold statement for your office look.

Avoid cool-toned lipsticks like those with blue or purple undertones, as they may clash with your skin tone. Remember, the goal is to harmonize your lipstick color with your skin’s undertone, not contrast it.

Selecting Lipstick for Cool Undertones

If you have cool undertones, lipsticks with blue or purple hues are your best bets. These colors will balance out the pink, red, or blue undertones of your skin, offering you a flattering, harmonious look.

Think about shades of berries, pinks, mauves, and blue-based reds. A deep plum or a vivid pink can add a sophisticated pop of color, perfect for that important business meeting.

Lipsticks with yellow or orange hues may not suit you as they could make your skin look washed out. Always aim for the color that enhances your skin’s natural coolness without overpowering it.

Navigating Lipstick Shades for Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones are the luckiest, as virtually any lipstick shade suits them. You can play around with an array of lip colors depending on your mood, outfit, and occasion.

From fiery reds and passionate purples to subtle nudes and lovely pinks, the world is your oyster. However, balance is key. If you have neutral undertones, ensure your chosen lipstick does not tip too heavily towards warm or cool shades. A classic red or a soft pink could be the right choice to enhance your natural beauty.

Taking Your Hair Color into Account

Your hair color plays a role in choosing the right lipstick shade too. If you have blonde hair, opt for pinks, corals, and nude colors. For brunettes, reds, purples, and browns are great choices. Redheads can go for shades of red, brown, and nude.

The right lipstick can tie your whole look together. It can accentuate your skin’s natural undertones, complement your hair color, and give an added boost to your professional image. So ladies, arm yourself with this knowledge and step into the world of lipsticks with confidence and style. The perfect shade is out there, waiting for you to discover it.

Matching Lipstick to Your Outfit

When choosing the right lipstick, it’s not only your skin tone that matters. Your outfit plays a significant role too. As a professional woman, you want to make sure your makeup, including your lipstick, complements your attire perfectly.

If you’re wearing a bold, vibrant outfit, you might want to opt for a more subdued lip color such as a nude. This will ensure that your makeup doesn’t overwhelm your look, but rather, it complements it. On the other hand, if your outfit is more subtle in color, a bright lipstick can add that much-needed pop of color.

It’s also advisable to match the undertones of your lipstick with those of your outfit. For instance, if your attire has warm undertones, a lipstick with warm undertones such as a peach or coral shade would be the perfect match. Conversely, if your outfit has cool undertones, a cool-toned lipstick like a berry or mauve would be a great choice.

Similarly, the finish of your lipstick can also impact your overall look. A glossy finish may be perfect for a casual, daytime look, whereas a matte finish could be more suitable for an evening event or a formal business meeting.

The Influence of Lighting

Believe it or not, the lighting in which you’ll be viewed can also affect your choice of lipstick color. Natural daylight is the most revealing, and it will show the true colors of your lipstick. So, if you know you’ll be outdoors or in a well-lit area, you might want to choose a lipstick that looks good in natural light.

On the other hand, if you’ll be in a room with dim or artificial lighting, you can opt for more vibrant and bold colors. Darker settings can wash out colors, so a brighter lip can combat this effect.

For example, if you’re attending a business conference in a well-lit meeting room, a soft pink or nude might work best. However, if you’re heading for an evening event with dim lighting, a bold red or plum might be just the ticket.


Finding the right lipstick is a journey, one that is unique to each individual. There are no hard and fast rules, only guidelines to help you navigate the endless sea of lipstick shades. The perfect lipstick for you is the one that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world. Remember, the right lipstick is not just about matching your skin tone or outfit, but about expressing your unique style and personality.

To sum up, understanding your skin undertones, taking into account your hair color, matching your lip color with your outfit, and considering the lighting are all essential steps in choosing the perfect lipstick. A mistake many make is to simply follow trends, but the secret lies in searching for what suits you best, enhancing your features and making you feel comfortable and at ease.

So next time you’re in front of the lipstick aisle, remember these tips. And remember, the power of a well-chosen lipstick goes beyond mere aesthetics; it can brighten your day, boost your confidence, and set the tone for your professional image. So embark on the journey, explore different lipstick shades, and find the one that truly embodies you.

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